Data analyst from Moscow, Russia. I'm working at Qiwi Bank as CRM Analyst


  • Full-time Advanced Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences, Higher School of Economics (2017–2020)
  • Master's in Sociology, Higher School of Economics (2015-2017)
  • Degree in Sociology, Omsk State University (2010-2015)

Additional education

  • InLiberty Summer School, August 20-26, 2018, Bazaleti, Georgia.
  • Educational project “The Summer School”, “Deep Learning” workshop, July 24–August 6, 2018, Dubna, Russia.
  • Oxford Russian Fund’s Spring School “Archaeology of Text 6: Unexplored Tropes”, 18–24 March 2018, Sochi, Russia.
  • Web Science Summer School WWSSS'17, 1–8 July, 2017, Saint Petersburg, Russia. “Best Teamwork” award.
  • Educational project “The Summer School”, workshop “Data Analysis inSocial Sciences”, July 25–August 7, 2017, Dubna, Russia.
  • Oxford Russian Fund’s Winter School “Archaeology of Text 5: The Evolution of Information Systems and Codes”, 31 January–6 February 2016, Sochi, Russia.
  • Summer Laboratory “Digital Traces I: Meta-Morphologies of St. Petersburg”, 17–30 August 2016, Saint Petersburg, Russia.
  • A. Casilli's workshop “Digital Methods: How to Study Online Social Interactions”, 9–10 December 2015, St. Petersburg, Russia.


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  • Digital Transformations & Global Society. Russia 🇷🇺, Saint Petersburg. May 30th — Jun 1st, 2018.
  • Comparative Media Studies in Today's World: Emotions vs. Rationality in Mediated Discussions. Russia 🇷🇺, Saint Petersburg. Apr 17th — Apr 19th, 2018.
  • International Communication Association: Voices. Czech Republic 🇨🇿, Prague. May 24th — May 28th, 2018.
  • European Symposium Series on Societal Challenges in Computational Social Science. Great Britain 🇬🇧, London. Nov 14th — Nov 17th, 2017.
  • Digital Transformations & Global Society. Russia 🇷🇺, Saint Petersburg. Jun 21st — Jun 23rd, 2017.
  • The International Student Research Conference of HSE. Russia 🇷🇺, Saint Petersburg. Feb 2nd — Feb 3rd, 2017.
  • VII Международная научно-практическая конференция памяти А.О. Крыштановского «Методы и процедуры социологических исследований». Russia 🇷🇺, Moscow. Sep 23rd — Sep 24th, 2016.
  • IV Международная научная конференция "Математическое и компьютерное моделирование". Russia 🇷🇺, Omsk. Oct 11th, 2016.


  • Best final thesis competition by Russian Public Opinion Research Center (1st prize in nomination "Best MA thesis").
  • Oxford Russian Fund scholarship for MA (2015–2016, 2016–2017) and PhD students (2017–2018).
  • Winner of the International Olympiad Competitions for University Students and Graduates by HSE, programme “Complex Social Analysis”, 2015.
  • Increased State Academic Scholarship, OmSU, 2013–2014.
  • Winner of the All-Russian Olympiad of schoolchildren on Social theory at regional stage, 2010.